I’m Amy Maragos. Lifelong lover of all things planning and
journaling. Wife, mom of two, graduate student, and therapist.

While in graduate school I struggled to find a planner system that
inspired me to design my life and live with intention. I found myself busy,
constantly rushing around and going through the motions of everyday life—and I
wasn’t really enjoying any part of it. Instead, I was frustrated and frazzled
and constantly tired. Sound familiar?

We all know how to write an appointment on the calendar, but do we
know how to design the life we dream of living—the life we are meant to live?

It’s time to design a life you love. I created these planners,
journals, and accessories to help inspire you to create a life that is
meaningful, focused, and intentional.

TheDesign My Life planners are uniquely designed to be customizable and
personalized. This planner is truly set- up as a tool to hold the plans for
your dream life so that it can be lived intentionally, and most importantly,
enjoyed. Written in the first person so that when you read the words Design MY
Life, you envision YOUR life. 

My hope is for each of us to design a life we love, one that is
enjoyed. Welcome to Design My Life!

Stand in your Spotlight,